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Suppliers and Installers of Professional Window Films, Window Tinting and Coatings Based in Southampton, Hampshire offering a Local, Regional and National Service.

Priority Window Films & Coatings Ltd are authorised suppliers and installers of Johnson Window Films, 3M Window Films and Llumar Window Films, we offer this service in Southampton, Hampshire and surrounding areas across the South Coast of England. Offering various types of window film products such as:


  • Solar/Glare Control Window Film
  • UV Protection Window Film
  • Energy Saving Window Film
  • Safety & Security Window Film
  • Privacy & Decorative Window Film
  • Manifestation Graphics


Johnson Window Films are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as effective UV protectants.  Click here for further information on how window film can help protect you from skin cancer. For more information click here

With over 40 years’ experience in the window film and window tinting industry we can provide our expertise and advice to help solve any glass related problems you may have, including free surveys and help with finding the right window film for you and your project.


Window Films, Tinting and Coatings can be used to combat a wide spectrum of glass related issues, including reducing solar gain and control glare with our various ranges of Solar films. We have a varied range of safety and security films, including combination Solar/ Safety Films for added protection, including bomb-blast films, which have ISO and GSA certification. Priority Window Films and Coatings offer a variety of privacy films and frosted window films which can also be used as decorative window films.


Commercial Window Film

Installing window film to a commercial building can greatly enhance the appearance as well as alter the climate of the building and save energy.


Residential Window Film

Windows are an important part of any home, from the light they let in, to the views they reveal.


Safety & Security Film

Glass is an easy target for criminals or anyone who is trying to break into a building.


Marine Window Film

Solar issues are very common in the marine market. The film we use comes with a Lifetime Warranty.


3M Window Film

Priority Window Films & Coatings Ltd are proud to be 3M Authorised Window Film Dealers.


Manifestation Graphics

The possibilities and designs are endless when it comes to glass manifestation, wall graphics and digital glass designs.


Liquisol Solar Paints

Liquisol is a line of solar reflective paint specially designed for acrylic, plastic and glass skylights.


Switchable Smart Film

A futuristic alternative to window blinds, this film transforms from clear to opaque at the flick of a switch.


Strataflex Wall Coatings

Strataflex’s custom design services gives you the opportunity to incorporate your deign, logo or company colours in to your interior scheme.

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We have something for every requirement

From energy saving to designer graphics through to looking after historic buildings.

Priority Window Films and Coatings also specialise in the design, supply and installation of glass manifestation graphics, including offering a complete bespoke tailored service for our customer requirements, helping you to ensure you comply with the latest Health and Safety legislation. By using State of the art print facilities and an in-house graphics team allow us to create digital full colour window graphics and digital wallpaper graphics, this can really make a very visible hi impact for glass or walls for our customers.


Priority Window Films and Coatings have a good range of Energy Saving Window Films that work all year round, saving on air conditioning costs in the summer months and heat loss in the Winter months. Priority Window Films and Coatings also have a varied range of External Window Films including Safety Window Films and Solar Control Window Films. For historic buildings, shop fronts or your homes we have specialist UV films to help prevent against fading and damage to you and your property.