Liquisol is a line of solar-reflective paint specially designed for acrylic, plastic and glass skylights. Typical skylight heat solutions like blinds, shades and covers can cost a lot of money, are hard to install and require regular maintenance and cleaning. Unlike blinds and shades which block up to 90% of the light coming through your skylight, Liquisol can be adjusted to allow in the optimum amount of light while alleviating the excess heat and glare and remaining a cost effective option for reducing solar heat gain.


While specially designed and developed to provide solar control on poly-carbonate (Lexan, fiberglass and plexiglass) skylights, Liquisol can also be used on glass. The paint can be easily applied on all types of skylights and serves to protect and preserve your property by reducing the primary causes of fading. Liquisol absorbs UV light, reduces solar heat and moderates the level of light coming into your home, office or building.


For more information, please visit Liquisol website.

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