Safety Window Film

Safety window film can be installed to glass to meet safety standards.  The standards are set out in Building Regulations Approved Document K – Requirement K4 – Protection against impact with glazing.

Safety film is an easy way to upgrade glass to meet the standard BS EN 12600, without having the expense of replacing the glass.  The film is not designed to stop glass from breaking, it’s designed for safety, so in holding the glass together and preventing shattered glass shards from falling it minimizes the risk of injuries and damage.  The film is available in various thicknesses, the thicker the film the more resistant the glass will become to breakage.

Safety film is clear, making it ideal to use on shop fronts, schools, public buildings and hospitals etc where you still want to be able to see in and out of the glass windows or doors, it can be installed internally or externally.  There is also a combination solar control / safety film that can provide both protection from the glare and heat of the sun and safety.  Installation of safety film includes marking each pane with an approved identifier that clearly states the window film installed on the glass meets the requirements of BS6206 – BS EN 12600.

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